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🔗 Bun: lessons from disrupting a tech ecosystem

Two weeks ago, a JavaScript runtime and toolkit called Bun was released and took the Node.js world by storm. Bun was mostly built by Jared Sumner, a former Stripe engineer, and recipient of the Thiel Fellowship (a grant of $100,000 for young people to drop out of school and build things, founded by venture capitalist, Peter Thiel). Bun has other contributors, but Jared writes the lion's share of code.

Bun is a backend JavaScript runtime that is an alternative to Node.js and Deno. Its top focus is performance, and according to benchmarks shared in the launch video, around 10x performance increases can be observed when building packages, running code, or handling inbound requests on a server. This theoretically reduces the hardware requirements of applications.

Bun has stirred up the JavaScript space, and adoption has been rapid. Vendors like Vercel and Replit added support for Bun, as did frameworks like Ruby on Rails and Laravel Sail (PHP.) Many developers are giving Bun a go. Of course, it's early days, but Bun keeps improving rapidly.

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