<p>If you're running a terminal utility on a mac, you might want to know what the minimum OS version is that is required to run the utility. You can do this by using a tool called <code>otool</code>.</p> <pre><code>otool -l go-james | grep minos minos 11.0</code></pre> <p>This indicates that my <a href="https://github.com/pieterclaerhout/go-james"><code>go-james</code></a> utility requires macOS 11.0 or newer.</p> <p>You can also use it to figure out which SDK was used to build the app:</p> <pre><code>otool -l go-james | grep sdk sdk 11.1</code></pre> <p>As you can see, the 11.1 macOS SDK was used to build the app.</p>

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