#django #python #wagtail

Let's see how we can add an image to Wagtail from within Python code.

In Wagtail, images are managed by the Image class. Let's start with checking how to get the list of images which are already uploaded:

1from wagtail.images.models import Image
3for img in Image.objects.all():
4    print(img.title, img.get_file_hash())

To upload an image, it takes a bit more steps:

1image_file = ImageFile(open(file_path, 'rb'), name=name)
2image = Image(title=name, file=image_file)

So, we first create an ImageFile instance (this is a standard Django class. To create the instance, we need a file object, hence the open statement. Make sure you read the file in binary mode using the rb argument. We also need a name for the uploaded image.

With the ImageFile instance, we can then create an Image instance with the file as the argument, optionally specifying the image title.

To persist it into the database, all we need to do is to call the save() method.