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Laravel is celebrated for its elegant and developer-friendly features. Among the many convenient functions it provides, Str::squish is a hidden gem that can greatly simplify text formatting in your Laravel applications. In this blog post, we'll explore what Str::squish is, how it works, and some practical use cases where it can save you time and effort.

What is Str::squish?

Introduced in Laravel 7, the Str::squish method is part of Laravel's string manipulation toolbox. It is designed to clean up and normalize whitespace within a given string, making it incredibly useful for tidying up user-generated content or fixing formatting issues in text.

How does Str::squish work?

The Str::squish function works by replacing multiple consecutive whitespace characters (such as spaces, tabs, or newlines) with a single space. It also trims leading and trailing whitespace. Here's the basic syntax of the Str::squish method:

1$cleanedString = Str::squish($inputString);

Let's look at an example to illustrate its functionality:

1$inputString = "   This     is   a   test    string   ";
2$cleanedString = Str::squish($inputString);

After applying Str::squish, $cleanedString will contain: "This is a test string".

As you can see, it removes all extra whitespace between words and trims any leading or trailing spaces, resulting in a clean and properly formatted string.

Use Cases

Now that you understand how Str::squish works, let's explore some real-world scenarios where it can be incredibly helpful:

Cleaning User Input

When users submit text through forms or inputs, it's common to encounter inconsistent spacing. Str::squish can clean up user-generated content before storing it in the database or displaying it on your website, ensuring a consistent and clean presentation.

1$userInput = "Hello     World!   ";
2$cleanedInput = Str::squish($userInput);

After squishing, $cleanedInput will be "Hello World!".

Fixing Formatting in Imported Data

If you import data from external sources like CSV files, you might encounter inconsistent spacing or formatting issues. Str::squish can help standardize the imported data, making it easier to work with and present to your users.

1$importedText = "   This   is    some    imported   text   ";
2$cleanedText = Str::squish($importedText);

After squishing, $cleanedText will be "This is some imported text".

Normalizing URLs and Slugs

In web applications, URLs and slugs should have consistent formatting. Str::squish can ensure that there are no unwanted spaces or formatting issues in these critical elements.

1$rawSlug = "my   slug   with   spaces";
2$cleanedSlug = Str::slug(Str::squish($rawSlug));

After squishing and converting to a slug, $cleanedSlug will be "my-slug-with-spaces".


The Str::squish function in Laravel is a handy tool for cleaning up and normalizing text. Whether you're dealing with user-generated content, imported data, or formatting URLs and slugs, Str::squish can help you maintain consistency and readability in your applications.