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🔗 Laravel: How to configure multiple search providers

In this tutorial, we will look at how to configure multiple search drivers in Laravel. As anyone familiar with Laravel knows, Algolia is the officially supported search driver, it is the only search engine that ships out of the box with Laravel scout.

However, because Algolia can get pretty expensive, we mostly turn to other free alternatives till it is absolutely required to use Algolia.


This is not a from-the-scratch tutorial so here are a couple of assumptions I am making:

  • You have built/curently building an app with the Laravel framework.
  • You already have scout installed and most likely have one search driver currently set up. If not, checkout the documentation on how to do this


You want to reduce your cost to the barest minimum by using Algolia for specific models with expensive search operations while the remaining models use the free alternative you have setup.

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