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🔗 How I Used Python and Folium to Visualize My Outdoor Activities

I dream of hiking from Munich to Venice and trekking across the beautiful Alps. But as I still have to live my everyday life, my journey has to consist of multiple stages, with weeks, months, or even years between each adventure. That is okay, as it's more about the journey than the destination. However, I always wanted a way to visually retrace these paths, to see how far I've come and how close I am to my goal. I wanted a way to celebrate the progress I've made and to motivate myself to take the journey further.

Fortunately, many outdoor and sports apps, like Adidas Running, Komoot, Strava, and others, graciously allow us to export our activities as GPX files. However, there's nowhere to go with those GPX files.

That is where Python and Folium come into play. I recently stumbled upon Folium, a powerful Python library for creating interactive maps. It can easily incorporate geographic data, such as the GPX files, and allows for customization and exploration. Drawing upon the wealth of GPS data I've gathered, I started experimenting with Folium to craft a map that brings my outdoor excursions to life.

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