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πŸ”— Fun With AI Embeddings in Go

Before the end of last year, I visited San Francisco (SF) for a few weeks. It felt great meeting some old friends and ex-colleagues face-to-face after a long hiatus. There is something incredibly refreshing about being in the same room with the folks you've spent chatting to so much time over the past few years on Zoom or Slack. Real-life connections remain undefeated and I hope it will stay that way.

I knew AI has taken the world by storm in the past year but I was still taken aback by the sheer energy the folks I met in SF radiate with. Crazy ideas were flying at me from literally everywhere. The nerd populace of the city felt rejuvenated in comparison to how I remember my last visit there a few years ago. The enthusiasm of the folks I met was very infectious! Not to mention the impromptu Open AI mini-conference followed by a wild rave DJ-ed by Grimes fell somehow randomly on my second day in the city!

Similarly, entirely coincidentally, without my realizing it GitHub Universe was also happening at the same time in SF which made things even more fun for me because I got to catch up with some of my GitHub friends, too. Unsurprisingly the main theme of the Universe was Generative AI. In GtHub's case it was mildly disappointing because there is still so much work GH should do to make the existing product so much better than it is now before throwing most of its weight behind GenAI. I mean, have you ever reviewed a large PR that turned into a mass conversation of 5 people? But I digress…

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