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James is your butler and helps you to create, build, debug, test and run your Go projects.

When you often create new apps using Go, it quickly becomes annoying when you realize all the steps it takes to configure the basics. You need to manually create the source files, version info requires more steps to be injected into the executable, using Visual Studio Code requires you to manually setup the tasks you want to run…

Using the go-james tool, you can automate and streamline this process. The tool will take care of initializing your project, running your project, debugging it, building it and running the tests.

In version 1.4.0, the followings things are changed/updated/fixed:

  • Added support for building with gotip
  • Fixed a couple of bugs in the logging
  • The version info no longer fails if the project doesn't use Git
  • When the project is using Git, a VSCode task is added to push to Git

You can find a list of fixed issues in the milestone.